Judah Is My Name

by Shelia Wilson

Released 2018
Released 2018
"Reality Contemporary Christian Gospel," that has something for everyone, from God-inspired sermons from heart to soul.
First, and most of all, God gets the glory, and I share the story! I have been anointed with talent as both singer AND songwriter. I am a native of Winston-Salem, NC and a long-time member of St. Peter's Church and World Outreach Center. I have been a part of the Choir and Praise & Worship Team for many years. I love giving God the Praise and Glory for everything that He has done in my life, and everything that He's going to do in the future! Thousands have been blessed with my Godly ability to uplift others through the ministry of song. Now, I'm about to carry my Godly talent to the entire state of North Carolina, and to the World! My singing moves others with my passionate voice, producing a beautiful variety of sounds for everyone to enjoy. I call my singing style "Reality Contemporary Christian Gospel" that has something for everyone as God touches me from inspiring sermons from the heart. Now relax, and get ready for a unique and memorable experience, full of enjoyment and praise! Tap your feet if you want!